Individual interested in immigrating to PEI

We thank you in advance for your interest in immigrating to our beautiful province!

First and foremost, please allow us to clarify that neither RDÉE Î.-P.-É. nor LIENS are immigration agencies.  However, if you are interested in coming to Prince Edward Island, our economic immigration officer can try to assist with your job search and with obtaining a work permit.

One of the first steps to immigrating can be receiving a job offer from a Canadian employer.  We encourage you to use the resources on this website to better understand the labour market on Prince Edward Island, and to add your resume (in French and according to Canadian standards) to our database below.

If you are an independent professional, we recommend that you verify if your profession is regulated in Canada or PEI.  If so, you should contact the regulating body in question.  You can obtain more information on this in the Explore Careers section of this website:   Furthermore, the website may help you secure funding to confirm the Canadian accreditation of your profession.




The Coopérative d'intégration francophone de l'Île-du-Prince-Édouard offers free resume revision for permanant and temporary Francophone newcomers living on Prince Edward Island.  The    CIF    is    an    organization    that    welcomes    and    helps    French-speaking    newcomers    settle    on    Prince    Edward    Island,    by    facilitating    their    social,    economic,    educational    and   cultural    integration.    It    also    raises    the    awareness    of    the    welcoming    population   regarding    cultural    diversity,    the    benefits    of    immigration    and    the    importance    of    Francophone   immigration.    The    CIF    is    funded    by    Citizenship    and    Immigration    Canada For more information, please contact an officer by phone at (902) 888- 1687,  by email at or on their website


If you need help standardizing your resume, you can contact one of the firms below for assistance:

Cameleon Production, based in Charlottetown (PEI – Canada), offers consulting, editing and revision services for the development of resumes meeting Canadian standards.  Clients must provide an updated copy of their current resume, regardless of country of origin, in Microsoft Word format.  Typically, the revision will be completed within five business days.  Fees are $50 CAD (+ taxes) per revision, for resumes of three pages or less.  Fees may vary if the documents are longer or incomplete.

For more information:
Tanya Gallant, Cameleon Productions

ABC Consulting offers immigrants services related to consulting, writing and editing resumes in the standard format used in Canada.  Fees are $30 CAD (+ taxes).



For more information:
Aline Bouffard Cohen, ABC Consulting

Programs and tools available from the Province of Prince Edward Island

PEI manages an immigration program called the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).  The criteria to participate in this program stipulate that you must be either an investor or an entrepreneur, or have a permanent work contract with a local employer to be eligible to immigrate to PEI.  Please consult the following website for more information about immigrating to Canada by means of this provincial program:

You can also access this provincial website for other information and resources related to immigration on PEI:

The province produces a guide for newcomers that is available in seven languages at  This guide provides a complete snapshot of all aspects of life on the Island.

For general information on Prince Edward Island, you can also consult the Government of PEI’s website at


Canadian programs and tools available at a federal level

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is the initial point of contact for information on all federal programs available to immigrants by the Government of Canada.  For more information, visit

If you are French-speaking, you can also access information about immigrating and settlement in Canada at

For useful information about professions and job opportunities in various Canadian provinces and territories (not just in Prince Edward Island), visit


Working Holiday Visa Program for Youth

The Working Holiday Visa Program (Programme Vacances-Travail or PVT) is a program that allows French youth aged 18 to 35 years to discover Canada while working.  The program provides participants with a 12-month working visa, allowing them to travel throughout Canada while working to maintain their financial resources.

More information is available (in French) on their website at  
The Coopérative d’intégration francophone, located in Prince Edward Island, also offers assistance to youth interested in coming to PEI by means of the PVT.  For more information, contact Yoan Rousseau at Yoan Rousseau:

Be careful… There are people who take advantage of the high demand for immigration to Canada by committing fraudulent acts and taking advantage of persons wishing to settle in Canada.  Be vigilant and consult this section of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website to stay informed: