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Why hire skilled immigrants?

  • The workforce born in Canada is dwindling and the need for skilled workers is growing.
  • Skilled immigrants can help Canadian companies expand their business on an international level.
  • Skilled immigrants bring an international expertise to the workplace.
  • The local market is changing and skilled immigrants can help meet the growing demands of your customer base.

These are only a few reasons why your business or workplace should consider hiring immigrants, if a potential situation presents itself.  Below, you will find resources that support the hiring of skilled immigrants by employers on Prince Edward Island:

The Programme Vacances-Travail (PVT) is a working holiday visa program that allows French youth aged 18 to 35 years to discover Canada while working.  The program provides participants with a 12-month working visa, allowing them to travel throughout Canada while working to supplement their financial resources.

The PVT helps employers reach a larger base of potential employees, for the recruitment of candidates to fill vacant jobs.  If candidates meets the requirements for your job, the PVT can help them obtain a work permit to come to Prince Edward Island.  To advertise a job in the PVT database (in French), please click on the logo above.

Destination Canada is the ultimate forum to provide immigrants with information about working and living in Canada. It is a job fair where Canadian employers can recruit labour from other countries in a variety of fields such as engineering, health care, education, hospitality, computer programming, multimedia and many more.

Destination Canada is typically presented by Citizenship and Immigration Canada in collaboration with agencies from the represented provinces and territories, and the Canadian Embassy located in the host country.

The Destination Canada Job Fair can give employers access to a pool of workers from France, Belgium and Tunisia with a wide variety of skills. Your recruitment will be supported by employment counsellors specialized in international mobility – a guarantee that your needs will be understood and the best candidates identified.

If you would like more information or if you are interested in participating in a Destination Canada Job Fair, click on the logo above for more information.

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program is an employer-driven federal immigration pilot program designed to help you fill permanent labour shortages and skill gaps in your business by supporting foreign nationals for permanent residency.  There are three different streams which aim to address different needs.  The Atlantic High Skilled Program allows you to attract highly skilled individuals, the Atlantic Intermediate Skilled Program allows you to attract semi-skilled individuals, and the Atlantic International Graduate Program allows you to attract recent graduates from Atlantic Canada post-secondary institutions.

In addition to the resources recommended on this page, the LIENS program also offers integration, awareness and matching services to PEI employers, in support of economic immigration throughout the province.  For more information, visit the ‘Activities’ section of this website.  In particular, the following sections are especially relevant to employers:

Awareness Workshops

Entrepreneurial Support

LIENS Work Experience Program