Coaching and mentoring


This program aims to reinforce the capacity of French-speaking immigrant entrepreneurs to better integrate themselves into the local business community and thereby optimize their participation in the Island’s economic development.

Intermediate results

  • A greater number of French-speaking immigrant entrepreneurs are in business on the Island.
  • The business community is more aware and open to the integration of immigrant business people.
  • French-speaking immigrant entrepreneurs have greater chances of succeeding in their business project.

Reinforcement of entrepreneurial capacities

  • Development of entrepreneurship skills among immigrants (information sessions on local business opportunities, business succession and support programs available to businesses).
  • Basic training in entrepreneurship with a component on the local business culture.
  • Matching immigrant entrepreneur with one or more coaches (4-6 months), based on a needs assessment of the person.
  • Training on specific entrepreneurship themes with experts in the field (Examples: accounting, business law, financial management, marketing, human resources, etc.)
  • Training on employability with a component focusing on the culture of the local workplace;
  • Links with other programs and services offered to entrepreneurs (Example: Futurpreneur Canada) and for employability (Exemple: Jobs PEI).
  • Networking support (sharing of information and participation support for events for the Anglophone and Francophone business community and for the PEI Connectors Program).
  • Organization of an annual diploma ceremony for immigrants having participated in the program, along with dignitaries, media and family.